96 MacBook Pros: Most Expensive Server Rack We’ve Ever

Ever see a standard server rack stuffed full with 8-dozen MacBook Pros? Well now you have.

Now before the torrential downpour of anti-Mac comments come, this actually has a purpose. No seriously. Besides, what company in their right mind would spend that much money on a rack full of paperweights? Kidding.

[Steve] works for a company that designs electronics, and for a particular launch they needed to perform a lot of testing — using MacBook Pros. There are ways he could have emulated OS X on a much cheaper hardware setup, but the whole point was to test the product with Apple hardware. So he took a stroll down to the local Apple store and picked up two pallets worth.

The server rack has 32 low-profile shelves which have just enough room for three MacBooks to sit in. They 3D printed small spacers to keep the screens of each unit open slightly and on during testing. Thermocouples have also been added to monitor the temperature of each MacBook externally, right in the keyboard area which gets the most toasty! To help with cooling, the entire door of the server rack has a good kilowatt plus of exhaust fans blowing constantly.

96 Apple MacBooks in a rack,

96 Apple MacBooks in a rack,

Take one down, Pass it around,

95 Apple MacBooks in a rack…

Sound familiar? This isn’t the first time [Steve] jammed a bunch of Apple hardware in a rack. Nope. He did it with 160 Mac Minis a few years ago.

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